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harper collins

Art Direction, Graphic Design


People are the best and worst thing about the human life. Best-selling author, Jen Hatmaker, knows this all too well, and so she reveals how to practice kindness, grace, truthfulness, vision, and love to ourselves and those around us even when faced with impossible standards. She is convinced life can be lovely and fun and courageous and kind. She does so with humor and style in her New York Times bestseller, For the Love


This book was a big one for Harper Collins. Jen was reaching a wide range of people in that moment and there was a heightened energy around the project. As a Christian author, her voice was different. It was irreverent and funny, but still serious, and anything but boring. 


Jen requested something with a textured look. Chalkboard or burlap. Leather or weathered wood. We ended up finding the perfect red barnwood to emulate her own home. She also wanted some hand written lettering options. The book was clearly geared toward women (unlike some of her previous, more gender neutral titles) so we could afford a more scrolling script.


The end result is rough around the edges and imperfect, accessible to a broad audience of women, and personal to her story.